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Environmental field research centers have proved to be very successful in raising public environmental awareness. These centers offer programs for schoolchildren, youth, university students and adults, and teach environmental problem-solving techniques.

In these centers the public can also gain knowledge of conservation skills, which they can take home with them to their communities. These also provide scientists with research facilities to conduct field studies. Field research centers are usually adjacent to nature reserves and agriculture to provide hands-on access to visitors and researchers.

The Construction of the EFC building has started in June.
Photos of the construction

Useful Links


1. The Royal Society for the Conversation of Nature.

2. Palestine Academy for science and  technology

Sponsored by
Global Environmental Facilities\Small Grants Programme


Did you know that:
• The logo of the EFC, which is the Palestine Sun Bird, is one of the famous birds that live in Palestine and can be seen at the EFC.           
• The Palestine Sun Bird’s colors are very nice & clear,  especially during the early             morning.
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